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Derrick Logozzo and associates provide many types of services in music education including:  Clinics and Masterclasses, Consulting, Music Composing and Arranging, Private Lessons, Music Contest Adjudication, Educator Seminars, Public Speaking, and Corporate and Community Demonstrations.   With over 20 years of experience in all educational levels, types of music, and music groups, Derrick is able to provide much artistic experience for your next event.  Read below and contact us for more details regarding your event needs.


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Derrick provides instructional sessions that can cover a range of topics presented for any particular age or experience level in any type of band or group: symphonic, marching, jazz, rock, latin, percussion, drum line.   Corporate support from Derrick’s endorser companies is available.

“Your clinic was great!  It reinforced many concepts in our band and gave us new ideas for us to help our students.  I definitely would like to have you here again very soon.” 

Donovan Putnam,  Director of Music, Jesuit College Prep. High School, Dallas, TX


Derrick teaches classes to rehearse specific music and/or technical concepts for collegiate, secondary, and elementary levels of percussion groups and steel bands as well as concert and marching bands.


Derrick meets with directors and teachers with production plans and guidance for upcoming concerts, contests, and events.  He also reviews rehearsal recordings and provides written feedback.

Music Composing and Arranging

Derrick writes or arranges music for events, recordings, and method books for bands, school groups, individuals, and companies.  Finished products include scores, parts, and recordings to the client upon project completion.

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Private and Group Lessons

Derrick and the Derrickmusic Instructional Team offer private and group lessons where a student or group of students can get specific help with music for upcoming performances and auditions.  They can also study in our curriculum for longer term instruction that develops musicians with regard to all musical issues.

Guest Artist/Guest Conductor Concerts

Derrick and associates perform with and conduct students groups in concerts after doing a masterclass or clinic that rehearses concepts and music chosen by you as the director.  Students and audiences alike have a great time and learn new music that you select.

“Great job, Derrick!  Your performances with our students were very enjoyable and the charts were great for our ensemble to perform!”

Steve Kath, Percussion Director, Poteet High School, Mesquite, TX  

Music Contest Adjudication

Derrick serves as a judge at various solo and group music contests always providing written and oral feedback when appropriate to help each musician get the most from their performance experiences.

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